Federal Maintenance can handle any type of problems such as potholes, root intrusion, cracking, even grate and drainage repair. We saw cut the area, remove the damaged asphalt and make repairs with hot asphaltic concrete, direct from the plant. 

Moisture is the biggest cause of asphalt degradation if allowed to infiltrate the base material. Potholes and cracks increase the risk of this damage occurring. So be sure to read about our preventative maintenance tips to keep your asphalt looking great all year long!

 If your asphalt is badly cracked we recommend removal of the damaged asphalt and if necessary repairs to the base rock if there are signs of moisture intrusion. It is important to work with your pavement maintenance contractor to ensure priority repairs are not overlooked as they can develop into much more serious damage if ignored which will lead to much more costly repairs and inconvenience to nearby tenants/residents. 

Federal Maintenance Inc. also offers new installations. We will excavate the area, install and compact a fresh rock base, prime and pave with hot asphaltic concrete. Some of our past projects include: malls, shopping centers, country club parking lots, as well as golf cart, jogging, and bicycle paths. We have experience with a wide range of projects so we know how best to get the job done while minimizing impact to the area.


  • Patchwork for potholes, eroded or rough asphalt.
  • Crack repair due to roots, impact damage, muddy base etc.
  • Depressions, leveling uneven surface.
  • Overlay of existing asphalt.
  • New installations.

1) Alligator Cracking.  2) Depression a.k.a. 'Bird Bath' . 3) Block Cracking. 4)  Oil Spill Damage. 5) Reflective Cracking. 6) Slippage Cracking. 7) Edge Cracking. 8) Old Asphalt with Grass Intrusion. 9) Utility Cut. 10) Pothole.

Are you a property manager tasked with maintaining a happy and risk free community? Got tree roots lifting up your sidewalks, causing an unsightly trip hazard?

Maybe you manage a strip mall or a golf course and have damaged curb making your planters look untidy, or cracked and out of place car stops?

These are routine issues we deal with on a daily basis, so if you have a concern on your property let us help you fix it. See below for a complete list of concrete services.


  • Sidewalk repair and new installations.
  • Curbing - D-Curb, F-Curb etc.
  • Gutters - Valley, Shoulder etc.
  • Flumes.
  • Ramps.
  • Car Stop Replacement/Re-pinning.
  • Bollards.


Got something that isn't on our list? We complete many custom jobs so contact us today to see if we can help!


Sealing your asphalt is not only a beautification of your roadways and parking lots, it is recommended to prevent moisture intrusion which is the biggest cause of damage to asphalt.

Regularly applying sealer can also act as a barrier against harmful UV rays and gasoline/oil spills which slowly degrades the asphalt. 

We at Federal Maintenance, Inc. use StarSeal sealer as it is FDOT approved and provides a deep black coat on the asphalt.  With all applications we mix the manufacturer recommended amount of sand to the sealer, unless provided with plans which specify otherwise, along with StarSeal fast drying additives to minimize downtime. 

We will assist you in determining the best way to close off the area to be sealed, to minimize disruption and setup barricades, cones & ribbon before providing manpower to keep traffic flowing.

Once your sealer has dried, we come in and stripe everything with F.D.O.T Approved Traffic Paint and Thermoplastic, where applicable. We will stripe as existing or according to plans provided by you.

We also offer the following:

  • Speed Bump & Curb Painting.
  • Install or replace traffic signs.
  • Replace missing road reflectors.
  • Paint and stencil car stops.

Take a look at the Gallery for examples of our work. 

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